Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Back at it

JAN 2020 -- 208lbs after the Holidays!
I hurt my knee putting the snow tires on my car early part of the month
I don't ride the bicycle a long as it's slick out but back at the indoor cycle
the iFit module failed... waiting for a new one

17 lite first rehab day 1.3 miles
18 0.8 miles... it's sore
20 - 3.8 miles
21 - hit 95 Tennis serves and walked around the club with no pain
23 THU MRI day

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Cross the USA

I lost 18 lbs in JAN
about 166 miles... goal was 5 miles a day starting the 15th of JAN
It's gone pretty well... my back has only bothered me slightly
Amazing as I thought I was looking at a surgery solution.
I start PT tomorrow... 2-3 times a week for 6 weeks

Today I started a new motivational trick

Coast to Coast on a virtual bicycle

02/03/19 NW coast to Neah Bay

I had a dream of riding coast to coast when I retired... health issues have prevented that but I'm begining to wonder if it might be possible... now I know that folks who do this average 60-70 miles per day... but starting at 247lbs on a 165lb frame it just wasn't possible. For the first time in my life I did the New Years resolution thing. I rode a total of 15 miles the first 15 days of January then 5 miles at least nearly every day after that. I plan to keep increasing the mileage as fitness allows

To ride across the USA virtually in a year (or less)

I mean ladies in the 70's do it in a few weeks or months, right?

So today: Starting at the farthest NW corner of the USA to Neah Bay, WA


The tip of the NW - USA

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Well, it's Time

JAN 1, 2019
Well, it's time.... I have been sedentary for over a year... I was Mr. October with Pancreatitis two years in a row.  As I was just getting ready to check out of the Hospital my back went out.  The pain of Pancreatitis pales in comparison to the back pain... Dr Carr went to admin, Dr Pickens retired. Dr Cabel moved to Cour de'lene, Dr Niemyer finished his training and is a hospital only Doc. I finally saw a Chiropractor. Not expecting help I must admit I got some relief

I have a new Primary Car Doc now... my weight ballooned during the year and now my sugar is creeping up. A personal best weight of 247... how in hell?  I weighed 127-140 until I was 26. I was an avid cyclist starting about age 12... I would be gone all day on my bicycle

And so it begins... I never was one for New Years resolutions but I understand why that is a thing... It's pretty impossible to avoid sugar through the holidays.

Day 1 of 365 wt 247
Proform ride 1 mile... yeah, I know, take it easy... I am in the worst shape of my life
Stair stepper 30 reps, body lifts 10
Noon meal only Slim fast am and pm... nut snack

Total miles 1

Day 2 WED JAN 2, 2019
Proform ride 1 mile... stupid knee angry... never had knee trouble
Stairstepper 30reps Body lift 10 reps

Total miles 2

Day 3 THU JAN 3, 2019
Proform ride 1 mile... stupid knee angry... still
Stairstepper 30reps Body lift 10 reps

Total bicycle miles 3

FRI, JAN 4 - Skip a day... Tennis tomorrow

SAT JAN 5, 2019
Proform ride warmup for Tennis at noon
Stairstepper 30reps Body lift 10 reps
Played poorly... felt weak in the legs and didn't want to bend over or bend my knees..
Critical to play Tennis well

FRI, JAN 4 - Skip a day... sore from Tennis but not injured... left hip maybe

Here is the ride log


Screen shots from the ProForm indoor bike