Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Still think it isn't broken?

... think Healthcare isn't broken? I've been trying to talk to my Cardiologist for 2 weeks to no avail. But the bill sure as hell arrived today... only $3800... not counting the $900 in Helena.

Sorry, been a little pissed all day

UPDATE: The doctor was fired!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Well this has been an ongoing thing for awhile now.

As many here are aware I have been using the on board heart rate monitor on the motorcycle for awhile now. If my heart rate runs over 100, I stop, cool down, rest until it drops. On the way back from Minden the first day, I had to stop at 3pm for the day and ended up getting a room.

I ride my bicycle to stay in shape. I also play a lot of tennis at an advanced level. I have lost 14 lbs in the last year. I still have quite a bit of belly fat but my legs are in great shape. That may be part of the problem. When I stop the blood pressure drops and I get these sycopathic episodes. More accurate is a vasovagal syncope issue. A stress test is no problem and will not recreate the syncope. The cardiologist did not bother with the treadmill this time. She just put me on the blood pressure meds and ordered the echo. I have Athletes heart but it is not life threatening other than the slight risk of arrhythmia. I have not heard fro the cardiologist on the new echo, but it did look better to me than the scan four years ago.

Here is the telemetry from the ride that created all the recent medical evaluation.

The blood pressure remains high today. I played 5 sets of doubles and got a bit crampy towards the end. We played inside the "bubble" at MSU-Billings. The temp was ideal and I was playing social tennis not the roc'em Tennis that I sometimes do. I must be pretty weak still as I came home, had lunch at fell asleep for 3 hrs. I slept well last night.
145/92 75 as I started this post <-- this seems odd to me.
132/81 67 and as I completed the post... about 10 min interval <-- the first normal reading in a week

Thanks for caring you guys

Friday, October 8, 2010

Transport... by Ambulance


on top of which

3 days ago while riding my bicycle I very nearly passed out. It was a
surprise as I have run that route many times.

Again the Garmin report is here

the link is below if you really want to see the tirade
Paramedics, Ambulance, IV and O2 during the transport. No blood pressure, good pulse

3 hours in the ED at St. Pats in Helena. BP 88/50. 2 IV's 145/60.
Lunch, released

RR sent me home on rubber tires. Didn't want me dizzy at work. Go figure.

Went to Company doc to get released to go back to work, no go,.... he
wanted more tests
He was right, I've been kinda foogy, like getting over the flu without the flu.

Today, went to my Dr's PA. Very high blood pressure 190/110. Stroke
territory. Took one blood press tablet. Gave blood to lab, then lunch
at hospital, they wanted me to remain in the building. 3 hrs later BP

Went over to Cardiology (different building), BP 139/80, HR77, consult, schedule
Echogram for MON, New blood work FRI next.

Previous Echo reavaluated by different Doc (2nd opinion) revealed "Athletes Heart" not Cardio myopothy. That's good news. Dr put me on a medicine to lower BP and restore (hopefully) the thickened heart wall.

Preliminary diagnosis:
Athletes Heart
I raced bicycles, played soccer in my 20's

<-- problem is the vessels do not constrict when I stop. Blood
pressure drops to near none then I faint

It all started 11 years ago with:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chronic_fatigue_syndrome <--- I did not agree
then years later
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shift_work_syndrome <-- I agree and am
being treated for this

sorry you asked? (there was a PM on my motorcycle forum)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Helena GoPro

Was going to ride with the new GoPro camera...

Didn't go according to plan.

Telemetry from the Garmin.

I had another Syncopate event. Do I just quit?

I didn't mount the camera on the bicycle but I did get a very expensive ride to St. Pats in Helena... in an Ambulance. I very nearly passed out in front of the old Governors mansion. Low blood pressure.

I did not manage my heart issues very well. I didn't feel good but part of this chronic fatigue thing is that it is really hard to get going. It takes tremendous effort mentally and I never know how I will fare physically once I get going. The plan was to ride to downtown Helena and get something to eat. When I got down there, nothing sounded good to eat so I started up 6th and never made it to the top of the hill. I slowed, got off and walked slowly... felt faint.. sat down... laid down... laid down head down... didn't get better... called 921.... then 911. Pretty out of it... tunnel vision, the usual stuff only worse than usual... it would not pass.

Lesson learned, eat and drink first then ride. I was taking it easy because I knew I had not been riding much. I have been working at home roofing the house but even though that helps with fitness it also made me very dehydrated from working in the hot sun.