Sunday, February 12, 2017


I am fairly tech savvy... But I really struggled getting the ProForm module connected. Worked on it for 5 hours. Finally got it configured (that necessity was buried deep into the instructions and not at all on the startup instructions) It was in the support problem website FAQ's
It's up and running but I had to create an entire new account so I lost all my previous data for the year... no worries I guess... I had to use my netbook.... never could get the iPad to connect via Bluetooth of WiFi....
So, motivation is always an issue with exersise equipment... this is pretty cool... I did a ride in Australia for 30 min and another partial ride in Lithuania for 16 min. meeting the Cardiac Dr's wishes

Monday, February 6, 2017


36 miles for the year

15 min

felt dizzy... was on a fast for blood draw so quit

more later for edit

Saturday, February 4, 2017

VIRTUAL San Francisco


This VIRTUAL RIDE was supposed to be a ride across the Golden Gate... I dunno where it was really


FROFORM 2/4/17

Export: gpx track tcx kml
Departed:Feb 04, '17, 11:43AM
Starts in:
Distance:8.8 mi
Elevation:0 / - 0 ft
Max Grade
Total Duration:00:47:17
Moving Time:00:47:17
Stopped Time:00:00:00
Avg. Watts:280
Avg. Speed:11.1 mph
Max Heartrate:166 bpm
Min Heartrate:bpm
Avg. Heartrate:147 bpm

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

020117 Proform Ride in Italy (Virtual)

020131 ITALY

Export: gpx track tcx kml
Departed:Feb 01, '17, 05:30PM
Starts in:
Distance:8.5 mi
Elevation:0 / - 0 ft
Max Grade
Total Duration:00:30:17
Moving Time:00:30:17
Stopped Time:00:00:00
Avg. Watts:245
Avg. Speed:16.8 mph
Max Heartrate:170 bpm
Min Heartrate:bpm
Avg. Heartrate:133 bpm

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


This is not a New Years Resolution but more an attempt at  a more active recovery from my recent bout of Pancreatitis... The realization that my competitive Tennis might be behind me after the poor and yet baffling performance in the Team Tennis here in Billings.  I prided myself in my ability to "Play with the Big Dogs" even though I wasn't winning I was at least asked to play. Anything you do well is very enjoyable. As oneof the best older players in the area the embarrassing showing in the Team Mixed Tennis gave me concern that I would not be asked to play again.  Shortly after the match I ended up in the Hospital for 5 days with the Pancreatitis.  I now wonder if the poor showing was related to not feeling well.  I was aware that I was not "seeing the ball" very well and I felt very sluggish...  who knows if the two were related... at any rate... water under a bridge.

I have an Eliptical that I got from my Doubles Partner... well truth be told she's EVERYONES partner  ;)

The problem with indoor training is boredom... and my use of the Eliptical was spotted at best... Seems that I would use it only when my shoulder were bothering be... it does help loosen stuff.

I may have solved that motivation problem with this new ProForm... my goal is 00:45 minutes a day (per Dr.) on the new ProForm 440 ES Recumbent bicycle... It seems very accurate as my ride matched the Google map generated estimate.

I am also going to build my Myata Road Bike to something more than it's current  mechanical shape wise. Looking forward to summer... it snowing here

STATS so far

 2017 by the numbers

Number of rides 2
Total time riding 1 hour 27 minutes
Total Distance traveled 15.0

I think I deserve a cookie
Photos Taken 3

iFit log link

Departed:Jan 31, '17, 11:31AM
Starts in: Mosgiel, NZ 
Distance:8.3 mi
Elevation:0 / - 0 ft
Max Grade
Total Duration:00:45:00
Moving Time:00:42:00
Stopped Time:00:03:00
Avg. Watts:296
Avg. Speed:11.9 mph
Max Heartrate:170 bpm
Min Heartrate:bpm
Avg. Heartrate:153 bpm

Pro Form

My new ProForm 440 ES recumbent is here and assembled...

I am still recovering from the hospital stay a couple of months ago... but this is a good start

1/30/17 00:45 6.3 miles

Monday, May 5, 2014

Cinco de Mayo

Adventure never found before.  Lived here 25 years... never been to this location.  There have been a few kids go through this tunnel... the outcome isn't always good.  AAaakkkk