Thursday, October 14, 2010

Well this has been an ongoing thing for awhile now.

As many here are aware I have been using the on board heart rate monitor on the motorcycle for awhile now. If my heart rate runs over 100, I stop, cool down, rest until it drops. On the way back from Minden the first day, I had to stop at 3pm for the day and ended up getting a room.

I ride my bicycle to stay in shape. I also play a lot of tennis at an advanced level. I have lost 14 lbs in the last year. I still have quite a bit of belly fat but my legs are in great shape. That may be part of the problem. When I stop the blood pressure drops and I get these sycopathic episodes. More accurate is a vasovagal syncope issue. A stress test is no problem and will not recreate the syncope. The cardiologist did not bother with the treadmill this time. She just put me on the blood pressure meds and ordered the echo. I have Athletes heart but it is not life threatening other than the slight risk of arrhythmia. I have not heard fro the cardiologist on the new echo, but it did look better to me than the scan four years ago.

Here is the telemetry from the ride that created all the recent medical evaluation.

The blood pressure remains high today. I played 5 sets of doubles and got a bit crampy towards the end. We played inside the "bubble" at MSU-Billings. The temp was ideal and I was playing social tennis not the roc'em Tennis that I sometimes do. I must be pretty weak still as I came home, had lunch at fell asleep for 3 hrs. I slept well last night.
145/92 75 as I started this post <-- this seems odd to me.
132/81 67 and as I completed the post... about 10 min interval <-- the first normal reading in a week

Thanks for caring you guys

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