Friday, October 8, 2010

Transport... by Ambulance


on top of which

3 days ago while riding my bicycle I very nearly passed out. It was a
surprise as I have run that route many times.

Again the Garmin report is here

the link is below if you really want to see the tirade
Paramedics, Ambulance, IV and O2 during the transport. No blood pressure, good pulse

3 hours in the ED at St. Pats in Helena. BP 88/50. 2 IV's 145/60.
Lunch, released

RR sent me home on rubber tires. Didn't want me dizzy at work. Go figure.

Went to Company doc to get released to go back to work, no go,.... he
wanted more tests
He was right, I've been kinda foogy, like getting over the flu without the flu.

Today, went to my Dr's PA. Very high blood pressure 190/110. Stroke
territory. Took one blood press tablet. Gave blood to lab, then lunch
at hospital, they wanted me to remain in the building. 3 hrs later BP

Went over to Cardiology (different building), BP 139/80, HR77, consult, schedule
Echogram for MON, New blood work FRI next.

Previous Echo reavaluated by different Doc (2nd opinion) revealed "Athletes Heart" not Cardio myopothy. That's good news. Dr put me on a medicine to lower BP and restore (hopefully) the thickened heart wall.

Preliminary diagnosis:
Athletes Heart
I raced bicycles, played soccer in my 20's

<-- problem is the vessels do not constrict when I stop. Blood
pressure drops to near none then I faint

It all started 11 years ago with:
then <--- I did not agree
then years later <-- I agree and am
being treated for this

sorry you asked? (there was a PM on my motorcycle forum)

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WiZ said...

please read this (dutch) site if you have time, it might give some different thoughts on what easy things you can do, and which natural ways might help too (they don't hurt, thats the best thing). I was surprised with the outcomes at some deseases...