Monday, October 4, 2010

Helena GoPro

Was going to ride with the new GoPro camera...

Didn't go according to plan.

Telemetry from the Garmin.

I had another Syncopate event. Do I just quit?

I didn't mount the camera on the bicycle but I did get a very expensive ride to St. Pats in Helena... in an Ambulance. I very nearly passed out in front of the old Governors mansion. Low blood pressure.

I did not manage my heart issues very well. I didn't feel good but part of this chronic fatigue thing is that it is really hard to get going. It takes tremendous effort mentally and I never know how I will fare physically once I get going. The plan was to ride to downtown Helena and get something to eat. When I got down there, nothing sounded good to eat so I started up 6th and never made it to the top of the hill. I slowed, got off and walked slowly... felt faint.. sat down... laid down... laid down head down... didn't get better... called 921.... then 911. Pretty out of it... tunnel vision, the usual stuff only worse than usual... it would not pass.

Lesson learned, eat and drink first then ride. I was taking it easy because I knew I had not been riding much. I have been working at home roofing the house but even though that helps with fitness it also made me very dehydrated from working in the hot sun.

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