Thursday, September 4, 2008

Not happening

I started this blog to document a cross country bicycle ride I was planning to create a personal journey and recovery from a high grade fever that caused a chronic fatigue syndrome.

I have deleted the planning posts as it is now apparent that the trip will not happen. It is simply not possible. My heart and fitness will allow it but the pain from the CFS is unbearable when I ride over 30 miles in a day.

UPDATE 10/10/10 I now cannot claim the heart and fitness as I am having sycopathic episodes. Fainting spells upon exertion. Hill climbing on the bicycle can cause me to black out.

So, I'll continue the blog only as a fitness log. And I'll keep my rides under 10 miles. And under an hour.

1 comment:

Will England said...

Damn. Sorry to hear that.

Well, turn it into a cross country motorcycle tour; grab a trailer and a fold-bike and bike in each state. :-)